Gold Star Systems, Inc. (GSS) originally started off delivering C-band (big dish) cable solutions to apartments in 1987. This included some of the earliest delivery contracts with HBO, Showtime and ESPN in this space, which continued for some years but was eventually divested by the mid 1990’s.

GSS began selling in the hospitality space in the early 1990’s, and began offering a pay-per-view (PPV) service to hotels in 1993. At first the free-to-guest (FTG) offering was with C-band, but eventually GSS offered services on Ku-band in conjuction along with PPV with ComSat, but this was short-lived and ended completely by 1998.

Also beginning in the mid 1990’s, GSS began to deploy a number of Mitel PBX systems in the hospitality market. Beginning the mid 2000’s, GSS also started to deploy systems from Phonesuites. In 2009, GSS installed its first Matrix Telecom PBX and we have a continuing relationship with Matrix Telecom to this day.

Beginning in 1997, GSS began to deliver FTG and business programming with DIRECTV (small dish). Shortly after, GSS converted the PPV for hotels rooms to timed tape delivery, which continued until 2006. Many of those systems were then converted to Video-On-Demand in partnership with the now defunct Oxford Media Systems.

Throughout this time GSS continued its relationship with DIRECTV and continues to deliver high quality HDTV programming to more than 100 properties in the Lodging and Institution space. GSS DIRECTV certifications include D2 Advantage, COM3000 and DRE (DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels).