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DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels (DRE) uses Single Wire Multiswitch (SWM) technology.

For home run wired properties, a typical Lodging & Institutions installation has multiple SWM32 and SWM16 components.  These are actually just multiples of a single 8 channel SWM unit, or SWM8.

Each DIRECTV SWM8 allows the use of up to eight tuners with each SWM module. Keep in mind the following when counting the number of tuners:

• H25 receivers counts as one tuner.

• HR24 receivers counts as two tuners(even though only one coaxial cable is needed to connect to a DVR receiver).

Number of H25 receivers + 2 x Number of HR24 receivers = Total tuners, which must be less than or equal to 8.

Due to the finite number of tuners available per SWM module, the use of splitters outside of the wiring closet is strongly discouraged and must be done by qualified installers to avoid disruption of service.












For loop-thru wired properties, the DSWM13 is used. Differences between the DSWM13 and SWM8 are that the DSWM utilizes a higher signal output, which is required due to the nature of loop-thru components. The number of available tuners in the DSWM13 has also been increased to 13.



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